Can a trans person be gay

The Can a trans person be gay volume directed by Laurence Hérault b focuses on the crucial topic of procreation and engendering by transgender persons and the troubles caused by the pregnancy of a man or Can a trans person be gay use of her own sperm by a woman.

Parent, S. This ordonnance was adopted by the executive after it was authorised by Parliament to take legislative measures against national scourges such as alcoholism. Arrival by conception method. More recently, a few scholars have focused on the parental experiences of transgender persons, and in particular the way in which they act as parents Hérault, ; Hines, ; Ryan, According to her, we must distance ourselves from the perception that the heteroparental nuclear family is a normal family and that filiation is necessarily determined by the heterosexuality of the procreating couple Delaisi de Parseval, Julien, E.

Can a trans person be gay

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  • Some observers question the racist assumptions behind clinical literature on transgender sexuality in various ethnic groups.
  • Is it gay to be attracted to transgender people? How do straight trans women find men to date?

Top of page. Mietkiewicz et S. Annual Review of Sociology, vol. Galland, O. Research could thus turn its focus to the study of the impact of marriage or partnership as well as adoption or the possibility of establishing filiation relative to two parents of the same-sex on the understandings of fatherhood and motherhood, on the well-being of the children, on the characteristic features of the family and conjugal functioning of same-sex and trans families.

The participants designated as the children of same-sex families are actually individuals who have declared that between their birth and 18 years of age at least one of their parents had a romantic relationship of at least 4 months with a person of the same sex.

Can a trans person be gay
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